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Fall is here!
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Originally posted by Nina:
I hate wintry mix - around here it turns into ice. Eeeeew. I don't do ice. Smiler

I was going to stay home today because I was worried about ice. No prob as it turned out - what we lack in roads we make up for in salt trucks.

Salt city this morning, no problem driving.

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Black ice is awful, especially if it's covered by a light dusting of snow. You have no idea it's there until you hit it, whether you're in a vehicle or on foot.

We were driving on a Door County country road in our Camry station wagon when we hit a patch of black ice. We ended up going off the road in slow motion, and down a not terribly steep embankment. Couldn't get out on our own power, so called our builder whose truck we had happened to see at his office not long before we encountered the ice. Early days of cell phone; ours was actually a bag phone. Big Grin John called Sunstrom Towing, just down the road a piece. Mark Sunstrom arrived in his tow truck. Looked a lot like this but had a tow hook mechanism in the bed:

Gave me a whole new respect for winter driving, especially in rural areas.

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