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Another reason to skip the tattoos
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An Italian organized crime suspect was caught in the Caribbean after police tracked him down through cooking videos he had uploaded online, in which he managed to hide his face but not his distinctive tattoos.

Marc Feren Claude Biart had been wanted on drug trafficking charges since 2014, and was located by authorities who recognized his tattoos on video, the International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol, said. They believe he is a member of the 'Ndrangheta, a powerful and brutal crime syndicate that originated in the southern region of Calabria and has expanded worldwide.

Biart, 53, had been living in the Dominican Republic town of Boca Chica for five years, where he kept a low profile and posted cooking videos to a YouTube channel started with his wife, Italian authorities said in a statement reported by NBC News. They said his "love for Italian cuisine" made the arrest possible.


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Idiot. At least wear long sleeves. Hiding your face in a series of cooking videos is a dead giveaway that you should be looked at more carefully.

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Or keep the tattoos and skip the YT videos!! Geez.

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