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We need a field trip to Vermont!
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Golden retriever dog farm becoming a tourist hot spot in Vermont

ABC News' Will Reeve is in golden retriever heaven at Golden Dog Farm in Vermont.

Warning: totally awesome video of a "happy of goldens".


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One more reason to visit Vermont.

Full disclosure: I love Vermont. Our younger daughter went to college at Lyndon State in Lyndonville, Vermont so we've had many trips to that state. I was first there on a family vacation as a boy. My wife went there in the winter when our daughter was visiting prospective college choices. We made at least two trips per year until she graduated. We've been back occasionally since then, in particular for her wedding there in 2013. We've been pretty much all over the state from Bennington and Brattleboro in the south to St. Albans and Newport in the north and lots of towns, villages, and countryside in between. It's incredibly scenic and small enough to explore with short drives between points of interest.

Only one word of advice: If you're planning a trip in mud season (the spring thaw}, try to avoid much travel away from main routes. Half the roads in the state are unpaved and they can be treacherous to navigate in mud season.

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I went to Sonata piano camp in Old Bennington for several Septembers. Beautiful area.


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(Checks calendar)

We are *so* going to visit that place!

(And the world’s coolest General Store in Stow, I think)

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There’s a nice glass blowing factory and a great general store (maybe the one Steve is thinking of) with apple cider donuts on the way to Stow.

You can go north from Stow past Smuggler’s Notch to get to that golden farm, but it’s a hard route in snowy weather.
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