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Time change
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For years, medical experts have stressed how daylight savings can negatively impact sleep.

Daylight saving, which begins in the spring and ends mid-fall, can make it harder to both wake up and fall asleep – as the "wall clock" moves farther away from the "sun clock."

If passed into law, the Sunshine Protection Act would make daylight saving time permanent in all but two states. But health experts advocate for adopting permanent standard time year round.


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What about if we all just agree to move the clocks 30 minutes back and call it good?


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Standard time is used in AZ and HI, and after 22 years in a row of living with it, I would vote for it.

I see the chance I'll get my way is zero. Yay!

As to changing the clock twice a year, frankly I don't like it.
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I would be happy with standard time. I’d rather have the extra light in the morning.

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I'm fairly happy with the present system.

I remember the year in the '70s when daylight savings continued through the winter due to one of the early oil crises. I hated slogging through the dark and snow in January to get to work.

Admittedly, I am now retired so such considerations are less important to me as an individual and the advent of flex time and work-from-home policies gives some opportunity for relief to some who work but my memory is still clear on how much I despised it. I wouldn't want to impose that on those in today's workforce who have fixed working hours.

A somewhat similar consideration applies to year-round standard time. Why waste those daylight hours in the morning during the summer if you have to be at work at the same time year-round? They're more useful in one block at the end of the day than as two smaller blocks morning and night.

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I’d be happy with either all year. I don’t like changing clocks , nor trying to explain to my black lab why it’s “too early” to feed her.


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I’m in favor of doing away with DST altogether.

It’s kind of goofy when you think about it.

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