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Always pays to read the reviews (hey, pj!)
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Sorry, I missed your hail. I’ve been working and we have a houseguest from France for a couple weeks.

I love Lane, but I’m not an expert by any means.

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Originally posted by wtg:
I'll see your oak 1x4x6 and raise you some inch and a half thick maple butcher block, 3 feet by 3 feet:

Free. I scavenged it today from the guy who lives across the street from my friend. He's a retired architect and said it was what's left of their old kitchen table. Before that, it was a reference table in the offices of architects Perkins and Will, the designers of the First National Bank of Chicago.

The pieces need to be reglued; what you see in the pic above is actually four or five separate sections that have come apart. I have no clue what to do with it. Thinking about making a base for it to make a table and using it for who knows what. Ole

I couldn't leave that beautiful maple on the garbage pile....if I don't use it, I'll put it on craigslist. It has to be worth something.


I wonder what sort of glue is used to laminate butcher block. I would suspect that piece has been left in an unfavorable environment - maybe moist and not temperature controlled to cause it to delaminate. It could easily be reglued with some clamps to hold it but I don't know what adhesives are considered food compatible.

I recently saw this web page on installing a segment of butcher block in a kitchen counter. I thought the approach was very sound.

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Great tips on that blog, Big Al. I posted his pizza oven review in another thread.

I'm not sure what happened to the butcher block I saved. The former owner said it was part of a kitchen table but he may have had it stored in the garage or in the basement. The glue is definitely failing, as is evidenced by the multiple pieces that have fallen apart.

Three of the sides have the top edge rounded over, but the fourth has no roundover. I'm thinking what I have was cut from a larger table.

It was a work table rather than something used for food prep. It has some kind of varnished finish that would need to be removed regardeless of what I used it for, as it's not in great shape.

Definitely a project, but within my skill set, I think.

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