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Gabby Giffords endorses Joe
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Former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, a key voice on gun violence prevention, has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, calling him the "choice for a true gun safety president."

"Joe Biden leads with his heart. He has the compassion and toughness to lead on gun safety," Giffords said in a statement Wednesday morning. "I've witnessed him comfort the survivors of gun violence, and I've seen him fight for solutions to gun violence—and win. This is the leadership we need in the White House. Joe Biden is the choice for a gun safety president."

The endorsement from the former congresswoman, who is a co-founder of the gun violence prevention group Giffords, is the latest in a string of endorsements from gun control groups and comes ahead of the Arizona primary next week. Biden is steadily moving toward the Democratic nomination, getting important wins Tuesday in the Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and Idaho primaries.

Brady: United Against Gun Violence, a pro-gun safety group, endorsed Biden for President Sunday, and the Newtown Action Alliance backed him on Monday.


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