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Very good news about the utility of masks
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Wondering if there are more specifics about the quality of masks - i.e., home-made cloth, whether they're really fitted, washed, re-used, etc. I see many people out there with masks in name only (loose bandanas, etc.).

No mask-wearing clients of sick (but mask-wearing) hair stylists with COVID-19 get sick

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Study on mask materials was in the news yesterday.


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Verma and his team sought to find out which non-N95 masks would be most effective.

He said that the simplest masks — either a bandana or handkerchief — were virtually ineffective.

“I was a bit surprised to see how much leakage could occur through the bandanas and folded handkerchief masks we tested, even through multiple folds of the cotton fabric,” he said.

Ultimately, Verma and his colleagues determined that the most effective homemade masks were those that were well-fitted with multiple layers of quilting fabric.

Cone-style masks also worked well.

“Quilting cotton, with two layers stitched together, turned out to be the best in terms of stopping capability,” said Verma. “For minimizing the chances of transmission, it is important to use masks made of good quality tightly woven fabric, as well as mask designs that provide a good seal along the edges without being uncomfortable.”

Amato says another useful mask option, for those who can obtain them, are simple surgical masks.

“In the beginning, we were kind of holding onto those for healthcare workers, but now we have a good supply of them,” she said. “They’re probably the most comfortable to wear. They’re very lightweight and they afford good protection.”

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Best to do nothing or distance oneself.

Will this ever be over?

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Best to do nothing

LL what do you mean?

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This kind of study demonstrates that many masks can't really work...

Yet the results from countries that have adopted universal masking show that masks DO work...

The study was based on forceful simulated coughing with a glycerin fog - perhaps not a good real-world simulation of how COVID is actually transmitting between people?

Great, now people will point to another study that shows masks are 'useless'... sigh

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