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Three of my cousins.

Rob, was my first cousin and first best friend in the world, until about age 8 when we moved away. We were born just months apart. He was always getting me in trouble and I loved it. As kids we were like two peas in a pod except he was the slightly more mischievous of us two. My mom and her sister were inseparable when we were young, so that's why we spent so much time together.

We grew apart over the years and the last two times I saw him was at his father's funeral and then his mother's funeral a few years later. He was drunk as hell both times. He did not come to my father's funeral and I kind of resented him for that, over the years. He had no excuse except being tied to a bottle. Rob died last week. Found by his sister when she went to visit. He was face down on the couch. Dead. I haven't heard any details about the cause of death but, Rob was a raging alcoholic. His family tried many times and spent tens of thousands to get him help, but he always seemed to fall off the wagon pretty quickly after any rehab attempts.

R.I.P. Rob.

My other shared birth year cousin, Pam, just found out she has cancer. I do not know the details but I was told by my mother that she thinks the tumor is on her kidney. Like I said, no details but I am worried for her of course. Pam is my second cousin. He mother was my grandmother's sister. Pam comes from a family of 9 children. We were also pretty close as children.

Hope all turns out well for you Pam.

My mother's cousin Maureen, who is in her late 70's just found out she has cancer in the lungs, liver, and I am sure other places. Her prognosis looks pretty grim.

Hoping for a good outcome for Maureen but it does not sound good.

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Sorry Mark, hope they get better, hoping for minimal suffering.

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I'm sorry. 2020 just sucks in so many ways.

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I am so sorry, Mark. Frowner

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Originally posted by pianojuggler:
I'm sorry. 2020 just sucks in so many ways.

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