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Anyone watching The Crown?
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Originally posted by Steve Miller:
Originally posted by Amanda:
Originally posted by AdagioM:
Just watched the first episode, on the treadmill. I like it!

Just finished the full eight seasons of "Call the Midwife" (which FTR I really enjoyed, though by the end I was thoroughly sick of the magic of:
"There's the head! You clever, clever girl!!")

I liked that show a lot more than I thought I would.

Doc Martin (also 8 seasons) is a similar series. Have you seen it?

Only just hearing of it. Googling, I see it's listed as a British, medical COMEDY series, though. First two overlap, but comedy? Nothing against comedy but compared to drama, it doesn't lend itself to binge watching (which I seem to be into.)

Having read James Herriot's vet series two, maybe three times, though, I'm seriously considering going for that soon - the TV series, I guess.

I seem to remember hearing it was done at least twice as a TV series plus a movie (or even two movies??)

What an amazing man he was - a terrific writer and vet and all around human being!

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I've watched a couple of episodes of The Crown (never saw it before) over the past week just because my wife was watching it and I happened in. It's pretty good, and I'm not usually a fan of shows about the Royals.

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