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Ghislane Maxwell
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Long read. What a bizarre story.

“Ghislaine, Is That You?”: Inside Ghislaine Maxwell’s Life on the Lam

For a year leading up to her arrest, the vanishing act of Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime friend, lover, and alleged accomplice vexed the authorities, the press, and the women who accuse her of luring them into a web of


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I have to say I was a bit shocked at where she was found, in a tiny town in NH not far from another I frequent..not a place known for mansions etc..but a very beautiful, sparsely populated area..hmmm

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I stumbled upon a show called "Truth & Lies" last night that was showing a 2-part documentary about Jeffrey Epstein, including a fair amount regarding Ghislaine Maxwell.

I can't vouch for the veracity of the documentary, but I did watch it as I've not kept up at all on the Epstein/Maxwell story, beyond the high-level soundbites. Very disturbing.

You can watch it on YouTube as well as (apparently) "regular" TV and Hulu:

Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein Part 1

(there's also a Part 2)
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