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When did you see it coming?
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Larry had become quite an unhappy fellow.

Although he had acquired all of the trappings of a successful life, he still felt like a failure. This notion was regularly reinforced by his co-workers who were always pointing out his mistakes. Even his wife frequently told him he messed up this thing or that. He was pretty fed up with it all.

One night while lying in bed and reading articles on his phone, he saw a piece about the easiest and least messy ways to commit suicide. The least painful, it said, was carbon monoxide poisoning, and went on to tell about how many people start their car in a closed garage and wait for fumes to take effect.

That did it. Larry decided that the next day he would kill himself. He came home from work early knowing that his wife would be home a couple hours later.

He wrote out a note and left it on the kitchen counter where she would see it. "By the time you read this, I will be dead. You can find my lifeless body in the garage. It's best you open the garage door and wait a minute or two before going in." He went on to say that he just couldn't take being ridiculed anymore for his fundamental incompetence in life. He wished her the best.

Larry went out to the garage and closed the door behind him. He got into the driver's seat, rolled down the windows, and turned the car on. He waited. And waited. And waited.

Two hours later, his wife got home. She found the note on the counter, read it, and went out to the garage. She opened the door and went straight in. She walked up to the driver's window.

He looked up.

She looked down at him and faintly shook her head.

"Dear," she said, "you own a Tesla."

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I read this to my wife ...

She got it well before the punch line! Big Grin
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