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President Tyler’s grandson has died.
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But one still survives.


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"The nation’s floundering government is now administered by a gangster regime."

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I have a personal connection. My department is located in Tyler Hall, named for the Tyler family, and as chair I helped redesign it from a musty and dark early 20th century layout to this ...

The picture doesn't quite do it justice. It's a very student-friendly space with lots of small breakout rooms for study and group projects. The floor space not pictured here is full of couches and chairs that are usually fully occupied ... in non-COVID times.

Harrison Tyler attended the rededication of the building a few years ago. He is the deceased Tyler's brother and now the remaining grandson of President Tyler.

The deceased Tyler's father resurrected W&M in 1888, led it to become a good public institution in VA in 1906, and made it coed in 1918. He was a prominent historian of his day, and policy advocate for education reform.

But he was also a strong critic of Lincoln and supporter of what we would today call White Supremacy. He penned this, for instance:

Confederate Catechism

This document is a touchstone of the original and the contemporary White Supremacist movements, and has always been the backbone of "southern heritage" arguments for celebrating "heroes" in stone and bronze all across the south.

We all know people who believe this. It's how they were raised ... "war of northern aggression" and all that. For them, the Catechism's message is common sense that has been absorbed from childhood like mothers milk, and it's only foreign to libtards like me ... and, of course, virtually all contemporary historians).

W&M has always been aware of the fraught part of the Tyler legacy. Heck our history department is named the Lyon G. Tyler department of history, because the surviving son endowed it. This is what the history department has to say on its webpage.

Lyon G. Tyler's legacy

W&M is now beginning a process of figuring out how to un-name things, like "Tyler" Hall. Many would like this to happen yesterday. But as is often the case in academe, the gears will move slowly and deliberately. Reality will intrude in a number of ways. I do suspect we'll begin to dissociate from the Tyler legacy and names will change.
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Interesting, all of it.

Smiler Jodi

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Have never seen that catechism. Wish I had not seen it.

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