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What inflation?
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Apples are dirt cheap around here this year. 99 cents a pound for Honeycrisp and most other varieties And they're fabulous apples. A little bit smaller than the usual giant-sized ones.

Price on Rao's pasta sauces used to be $9 or $10; now I'm seeing some stores down to $6.99 regular (not sale) price.

Jewel has Jennie-O frozen turkey for 59 cents a pound with a $25 purchase. I thought there was a turkey shortage this year.

Of course other stuff is through the roof, but there's an easy solution - I just don't buy it.

Why the deals?

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Certain prepackaged salad kits that used to be $2.50 pre-COVID has gone up to $3 but just last week came back down to $2.50. Not sure if it's going to last. Shrug

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