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For Ladies of a Certain Age...
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Today I got a haircut (first one - the salon had great procedures in place, I felt super safe, and our cases here are very low). Anyways, they aren’t doing water/coffee (which they usually do) so encouraged people to bring water if they wanted. But also, of course, everyone has to wear masks. I brought my YETI coffee cup with ice and water, and I put a straw in the little slot you drink from. It was easy to slide the straw up under my mask (without touching my mask!). Also, in my YETI, I still had ice in my cup 6 hours later, even though I left the cup in my car for 4 hours while I had a social-distancing lunch with a friend on her patio. That might be a solution to your teaching hot flashes, Shiro!

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Dol, this is encouraging..My best friend also got a haircut with similar reviews...

I have been feeling so blue lately...I think a haircut would go a long way to making me feel better...

I am looking to get an appointment soon..hopefully next week...Only issue is my hair dresser is a very talkative, high energy woman...I know she could probably get my hair cut in half the time on a normal day but she is so entertaining!!

I think this whole thing will depress her..especially since her other job is working in her family's Greek restaurant...Two lines of business not doing too well...

I plan to tip her handsomely. Yes

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Dol, I bet you're happy to have gotten a haircut!!

We are all set up for the Basement Barber! We got a mirror to put on the wall for the second haircut, and I'm about ready to ask Mr. SK for a trim again! Big Grin

re the cup with straw, I will try to get one!

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