Grocery Store Update ...

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01 July 2020, 02:05 PM
Grocery Store Update ...
Went to a local grocery store earlier and saw that alcohol based sanitizers, N95 masks, as well as washable/reusable masks are now in abundant supply. The store has one area dedicated to just alcohol based hand sanitizers (all sizes from dispenser bottles with just a few ounces to big, over one gallon jugs), N95 masks (in 5-pack packages), and reusable masks (in 10-pack packages). Still more expensive than pre-pandemic pricing levels, but I'd say they are reasonably priced.

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01 July 2020, 03:20 PM
Our local Costco has the 6-pack of Clorox wipes and their bale o' TP (limit one on both), as well as other things that have been strangely difficult to find, like canned garbanzos.

There have been odd shortages in the grocery stores, but they seem to be short-lived. Things like canned beans, jasmine rice, flour and yeast may be gone one day but back the next.
01 July 2020, 03:27 PM
Good to know the Clorox wipes are back. We still have some but we're starting to run a bit low.

Our Costco had Charmin toilet paper for the first time in a while. Still a limit of two packages of any kind of chicken.

Foaming hand soap (we use Method) is still nowhere to be seen, at least not as of a couple of weeks ago.

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01 July 2020, 03:55 PM
I still don't go 'shopping'.

Have made a couple old people's time, run in, run out...have no idea what local shops have.

I read the flyers but really only hit shaws, 6-7, with only 12 people at most in the big store.

Still have last year's blueberries / rhubarb /apple sauce and tomato herbs sauce in the freeze with some various chicken / fish,scallops from off the boat, so manage. But bored.

But safe.

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