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Trump 2024
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Donald J. Trump announced that he will run for POTUS in 2024:


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I'm certainly no fan of DeSantis but I'm counting on him to trip up Trump on his repeat quest.

Or perhaps someone else under a new tent?

Here's hoping there will be enough "anyone but Trump" Republicans to splinter them this time around. A new, right-leaning party of Independents and/or Libertarians?

His ego may no longer unite enough cultists after this fiasco, Jan 6 and with all his legal troubles looming. (Betcha he makes some claim along the lines of the Midterms being "rigged"! Big Grin)

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Six ways I-1 will have it harder this time around:

As I’ve said before, by my reading of the Constitution, being in prison does not preclude one from either running for or serving as president. It could make things interesting, though. Meeting other heads of state, for instance.

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Just running is enough to keep the cash donations rolling in... why wouldn't he?

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The DNC should send him a thank you note.
It will be fun watching the Repub party splinter as they
gouge each others eyes out.

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Do you think he’ll try to establish his own party, and not necessarily try for GOP nomination?


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The party, major donors, and conservative media, at least the Murdoch entities, are abandoning him in droves. I don’t know how he can survive that.

OTOH, Fivethirtyeight had some thoughts:


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In 2016; the establishment didn’t see Trump as a threat until it was too late.

This time, they won’t make that mistake. Like the Dems in 2020, they will coalesce around one electable candidate early.

Trump has no chance. The Republicans will strangle him in his grave.
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I'm no fan of DeSantis, as you can imagine, but living in FL now, I think he would be a good candidate for them.

He's young, charismatic, and makes an impression of being competent.

In any case, I agree with Cindy. They won't nominate Trump.
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