Many states halt or reverse reopening

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30 June 2020, 11:16 PM
Many states halt or reverse reopening

NBC Today, start- 5 min, 50 sec.

An explosion of new infections in states from coast to coast.

What a nightmare.

I don't know about you guys but I find it very disconcerting that so many people are simply acting like the pandemic doesn't exist.
30 June 2020, 11:19 PM
They are bored with it. Time to change the channel and start believing the conspiracy theories...

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30 June 2020, 11:46 PM
Yup was in Delaware beach area last week and kept to myself, brought my own food...

I got in and out as fast as I could...Would have loved to visit the board walk one last time (after cleaning out my Mom's house for sale) but the traffic? Heck NO!

Just a day or so ago I am reading about restaurants in the area re-closing ahead of the 4th...I don't blame them..the crowds were insane two weeks ahead of the holiday...I can see a superspreader event coming there for the 4th Frowner

"For it is not light
that is needed, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the
whirlwind, and the earthquake. The feeling of the nation must be quickened; the
conscience of the nation must be roused; the propriety of the nation must be startled; the
hypocrisy of the nation must be exposed; and its crimes against God and man must be
proclaimed and denounced." Frederick Douglass 1852