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Costco photo centers
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All Costco photo centers will soon close.

In a message titled "Important Photo Center Announcement" posted on the Costco Photo Center website, the retailer said photo departments at all Costco locations will close Feb. 14.

Some services will be available on the website for delivery, including prints, enlargements and posters; stationary and photo greeting cards; photo books and calendars; photo blankets and other photo gifts; and business printing products.

After the centers close, a few other services won't be available such as ink refill, passport photos, photo restoration and YesVideo Home Movie Transfer Service, Costco said in the announcement.


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That’s not surprising, I guess? I don’t print photos anymore. I did order holiday cards there, several years ago, but it is much easier to order and receive from Shutterfly.


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Hmm, that's interesting.

"Since the introduction of camera phones and social media, the need for printing photos has steeply declined, even though the number of pictures taken continues to grow," the email said. "After careful consideration, we have determined the continued decline of prints no longer requires on-site photo printing."

What they don't mention is how many competitors they have in online companies, I wonder how much of that is a factor.

We don't have a Costco close enough to be members so it doesn't impact us, but we do use the photo services at Walgreens, probably several times a year.

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The only reason I had been keeping my Costco membership was the photo center. The guy that ran our local one was great about color correction and many photographers used the service to make prints.

It closed sometime late last year. Frowner

That and the tiny book section have made me a 'former' Costco Member.

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Due to coronavirus, I haven't set foot in a Costco in almost a year.

However, all my dog food, laundry detergent, and certain dry goods come from Costco. Mail order.
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That's too bad. We got a picture of my daughter's new cat blown up on canvas for her as a Christmas gift. Adorable.

Maggie discovers bed covers.

Apparently the services will still be available online.

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I have used their ink refill services and found them good. There are other places that do that.

I'll have to look around for any undeveloped film I still have... I know there were a couple disposable cameras from my mother's last apartment.

I also liked being able to take a camera card there and get prints made. I guess there are other places that do that, too.

But if Costco is closing the photo counter, I assume it's because they are not making enough money to justify the floor space and staff.

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When I was doing a lot of photography Costco was the best option for inexpensive prints as far as quality was concerned. In fact, they were better for reproducing digital images true to whatever adjustments I made in Lightroom than a chain camera shop who offered a more expensive printing service.

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