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The people who have the newly installed drive thru are pretty much not on speaking terms with any of us neighbors anymore so we're all speculating.

The car that belongs to the Screamers is in their driveway undamaged. Their granddaughter's car is in the garage, backed in. Front end looked ok; couldn't see what the trunk looked like but I'm guessing it is crunched.

Best guess is someone got in granddaughter's car, put it in reverse, and went backwards through the wall as Nina described. Tensions run high constantly over there, so it could have been any of them who did it while some argument was raging.

As I said before, a pretty dysfunctional household at this point. Given that over the last year or so they stopped keeping up with outside maintenance like lawn mowing and leaf raking (they used to be out in the yard all the time), I'm wondering how long it will take them to get someone out to look at the damage and prop up the wall.

They haven't bothered to move the granddaughter's car out of the garage. I think the next photo I'll be posting is of a newish Subaru buried under a pile of rubble.....

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Ugh, sounds just awful.

We don't have exciting neighbors like that, but once someone else's dog escaped and attacked a teeny tiny dog that was being walked, the mom of the teeny dog was trying to get the big dog off of her dog, it was kind of dramatic.

Another time a neighbor's car caught fire and then exploded.

I mean, I guess that was pretty exciting...

ETA: I'm obviously going to hell.

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