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Greenwich CT now - Republicans vs 'Trumplicans'
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Wondering what's going on in New Canaan where I grew up.

At least it's reassuring to learn a goodly proportion of the GOP have retained their sanity.

I haven't been able to believe that so many Republicans were able to stomach and support the lunatic who apparently rules the rest of the party.

Wonder why and how widespread this inner split is. Is it because more there are educated? Never forgetting his infamous, "I love the under-educated". I can almost picture his uttering: "I love the illiterate" - if only he dared. (Wouldn't be altogether unthinkable for one version of the news to be presented in graphic form, for that matter. It seems he himself scarcely reads, and what he does has been carefully curated for simplicity and support for his POVs.)

At least, THESE rich folks are just standing up for their frank wish to "get 'mine'" - as much as possible (behind the smokescreen of whatever policies it takes).

And without feeling the need to hide behind the nostalgia of returning to the good old frilly-aproned '50s, and religious rationales for turning back the clock to simplistic gender/sexual identities and against women's lack of control of their bodies.

Greed first, however Dickensian the results, suffices for the anti-Trumplicans.

(Heaven knows, the Republicans of the 50s and 60s, under Eisenhower, were quite OK with a top marginal bracket of 90%! We're already quite retrograde in that regard even under Dems.)

No, a New Gilded Age is the ideal of today's "sane" Republicans who want to remake the judiciary, the corporate and personal tax structure and (of course) faze out Medicare and Social Security.

Banning abortion and other returns to nationalistic and faith-based
ideals, aren't their banners much less obeisance to the man they repugnantly label "crude".

When I lived there, New Canaan was just gradually transforming from its all white WASP identity (except for live-in "colored" servants, mostly). Even though the demographics are statistically almost the same as in my youth, the great equalizer for entree now - what clubs and neighborhoods are open to all - is simple. Wealth.


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One of my fellow board members is an older Greenwich resident, 4 decade member of the Greenwich Country Club, etc. Was a Republican all his life, when Trump appeared he voted libertarian. In 2020 he was initially a Bloomberg supporter (it helps that they were at HBS at the same time), and later voted Biden.

I could imagine him going back to GOP come 2024 if they don't run Trump.

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