Uber Eats

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07 May 2021, 09:06 PM
Steve Miller
Uber Eats
I got an email with a $25 coupon for Uber Eats and decided to try it. I don’t feel like going out.

The app is a hot mess. Do they test this stuff? Will I ever get my dinner?

Film at 11.

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07 May 2021, 09:49 PM
I have only tried Door Dash, once..The guy was here in a hot minute and I mean hot. The food was fresh from the oven. (Downtown is only a mile away).

But I have not used it since. Shrug

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07 May 2021, 10:04 PM
Steve Miller
Ha! It worked!

I got my dinner and it was quite good. Pretty much on time.

Downsides. The app kept telling me I seemed to be a long way from the delivery site. No way to check, no way to correct. I wasn’t sure what that meant.

Turns out there are three different streets in town called “Salem”, and Uber Eats auto filled the wrong one. Cleverly, I could see where the driver was and text him a message with directions to the right street.

#2. I had a $25 coupon. I bought $24.50 worth of food, according to the menu. When I got to the screen with the total it was $10.78.

Do I owe this on top of the coupon? Will I get another email suggesting I use the rest of the coupon? Dunno, but they don’t have my credit card # so they’ll have to work it out.

Surely Uber Eats can do better than this.

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08 May 2021, 08:58 AM
24.50 may be the price of the food, but then they load on fees. Paying UberEats, paying the driver, the tip if you tipped.
08 May 2021, 09:01 AM
Have not used Uber Eats.
Have had good results with Door Dash and Grub Hub in Tucson. They don't do much around my Colorado home.

I hope they are not tossing wallets back and forth. That would be carp to carp walleting.

08 May 2021, 09:18 AM
We use Doordash pretty regularly since a couple years before the pandemic with mostly great results. We pay the $10 a month for Dashpass and it has worked out pretty well. I can get great sushi to my door with no delivery fee and reduced overall fees. I've used other services with not as good results.

But that is all they do. Uber Eats has a higher markup and is simply using excess capacity. But I suspect a lot of drivers drive for several entities - Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Instacart...

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08 May 2021, 10:09 AM
Just found this article on the WSJ. It wasn't paywalled.

08 May 2021, 10:16 AM
I hit a paywall....but I think I found alternatives...



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08 May 2021, 10:56 AM
Around here, restaurants use them but don’t like them. Customers are encouraged to order from the restaurant directly and have their staff do the delivery.

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08 May 2021, 11:04 AM
Steve Miller
I see what they did. They charged the $10.78 to my Uber account, which is tied to a credit card.

The way the app works, I thought I was looking at total cost with fee, but it was food only. It was also quite expensive for what I got. Good thing I had the coupon.

I doubt I’ll use it again.

Life is short. Play with your dog.