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How about we buy Greenland
"The nation’s floundering government is now administered by a gangster regime."

George Will
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Oh, those Canadian Imperialists!

Canadian proposals to absorb new territories usually have an air of whimsy to them, but it’s a playfulness rooted in a chauvinistic assumption that Canada is a country of such self-evident goodness and purity, virtually anything it could imagine doing in the realm of foreign policy would be morally justifiable.

Though Canadians may enjoy looking down at supposedly jingoistic Americans and their voracious president’s bumbled project to grab Greenland, it’s worth considering whether the biggest thing preventing Canada’s leaders from acting on similar fantasies is just a lack of capacity.
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Let'a not and say we did.
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And if Denmark won’t sell Greenland to us, then we’ll take it from them. This is what I’m afraid Trump would do.

If Greenland became a U.S. state, it would probably vote like Alaska and Alaska is a red state. Therefore we’d be picking up two more Republican senators and one Republican congressman in congress. Republicans would like that.
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