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Study of neurological impacts of COVID
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A COVID-19 study conducted by Northwestern Medicine shows 82 percent of patients hospitalized with coronavirus experience neurological symptoms during the course of the disease.

The study looked at 509 COVID-19 patients at Northwestern Medicine hospitals in the Chicago area.

The most frequent neurological symptoms were muscle pain, headaches, and encephalopathy or altered brain functions, which range from mild confusion to being in a coma.

More here, including link to the study.


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Not familiar with the term, I googled to find this:

The hallmark of encephalopathy is an altered mental state. Depending on the type and severity of encephalopathy, common neurological symptoms are progressive loss of memory and cognitive ability, subtle personality changes, inability to concentrate, lethargy, and progressive loss of consciousness.

Just what we need in our nation's leader. The take (from the NYPost article you linked in the other thread) that Trump coming down with the illness is a testament to his heroism and selfless devotion to his duties is all the more wrong in light of these kinds of findings.


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