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The Movie Talker
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I’m wondering if people of my generation over value the movie watching experience in an age where you can always watch it again. The experience is cheapened, but perhaps it was never worth what it cost in the first place.

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This thread reminds me of the time my ex-husband and I went to see The Passion of the Christ. I wasn't interested in seeing Mel Gibson's interpretation of Christianity and the fact that it was rated R for graphic violence really put me off, but my ex really wanted to see it. (I have never been able to figure out why. He is a Quaker, and they're known both for their liberal approach to religion and for non-violence.)

The people next to me kept up a non-stop narrative during the scourging and crucifixion scenes, maybe because they were so intensely uncomfortable to watch. However, the form of their commentary was kind of hilarious.

[A lash of the whip]: Jesus!

[Another whiplash]: JEEEEE-sus!

[Another lash]: GAWD!

[Yet another lash, the fourth of many]: JEEEEEEEESUSSSSS!!!!!

And so on.

The other notable fact about their conversation was that, although they seemed to be very religious, they seemed to consider Judas' betrayal to be quite an unexpected plot turn.

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I'm especially annoyed by a movie-talker that takes my attention away from the dialog and then asks a few seconds later -"wait, what did they say?" Blah Blah Blah

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Maybe just start a conversation about how different families celebrate Xmas differently, when they open gifts, have the big meal, etc, then seque into other things such as chatting vis silence when watching movies and how your house has always been a silent one.

Or any of the other fine suggestions. even if its only you, doesnt sound like you are learning to tolerate it, so speak up. Or participate. Maybe you'll learn to love being a movie talker!

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Tell him that by talking during a movie, he’s adding an extra sound track to the movie. If he continues to talk during movies, then watch movies when he’s not around.

QUOTE]Originally posted by Amanda:
What drives me the most nuts is, if the show is in some kind of dialect I'm already struggling to understand - like, "Shetland" or (most recently) "Upstairs, Downstairs".

Originally posted by piqué:
Turn on the subtitles. Mr Pique is deaf so we have to have them on. They used to bother me (especially when they ruin a good dramatic pause) but I got used to them.

You can do that at home but not in a movie theater. Sometimes, movie theaters show movies with open captioning. They're identified with "OC" in the movie's listing and they're for people who are hearing disabled. Open captioning is subtitles. I saw a movie from New Zealand in a theater recently. One of the main characters had a very thick dialect so I missed words. And he talked very rapidly and used slang words that I haven’t heard of. I’d like to see subtitling placed in movies from N.Z., Australia, and G.B. if they're shown in the U.S.
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Originally posted by Cindysphinx:
Boy, I am really surprised that people draw such a distinction between talking in a theater and talking when you are sitting on the couch, lights dimmed, watching a movie.

In both cases, the evening's entertainment is to watch the movie. If the hero has his laser out and is hunting the bad guy in the dark castle, who wants to hear, "Oh, look out, dude! He's gotta be in there somewhere!
Oh, he's really gonna get it now!"

Now, if we are all just in the kitchen cooking and the TV is on, no biggie. The TV is background noise. But when the show is the main event?

It's kind of like how it is super rude to talk when your friend is playing the piano and we're all gathered to listen versus when a piano player is playing at a bar.

If it's the main event, STFU.

Cindy has changed my mind on this. I am getting better at STFU.

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I was thinking the same thing as Quirt to extinguish the behavior. Hit pause on the remote whenever he speaks - pay close attention to his pearls of prose - and note that you didn't want to miss what he was saying or what was in the movie. It would be as annoying as his behavior.
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