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When Turkeys Attack!
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I go to take Cosmo out to do his business and I see that a bunch of turkeys have surrounded our brand new 2021 Subaru Crosstrek. Seeing themselves in the reflection of the paint, they were pecking at the doors leaving dings and scratches over the surface. Some of the dings are very small but do distort the surface. You really have to look across the surface to see most of them. The scratches are noticable from a distance.

Impossible to photograph due to the reflectivity of the surface.

Called insurance. $100 deductible on comprehensive.

Haven't even made the first payment on it.

******* turkeys. Cost me $100 and a lot of inconvenience. I might have to take a few of them out and have them for Thanksgiving dinner, just to try and compensate me for my time and trouble.

The Subaru just displaced the 2005 S-500 in the main garage. The 16 year old paint on the S hasn't been waxed in years. lol The doors have a bunch a dings in them anyway and the car has 200k miles on the odometer. So, it's our "junker" now. lol

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Bummer, Mark.

OTOH: https://www.tasteofhome.com/re...roasted-wild-turkey/

We were always worried about leaving the car out in the driveway up in Door County. People had hoses eaten through by porcupines.

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Hmmm, I rarely put my cars in the garage.

Haven't seen any turkeys in my neighborhood, but we have plenty of 'em in the area.
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When I bought the Green Bean, a couple of Subie fans did warn me that Subie sheet metal is pretty thin and easily dented.

Still, I would be plenty irked and maybe invite a couple of those turkeys in for dinner.

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OMG Mark! How awful!!!

Turkeys are just massive troublemakers! When I was in grad school, they were always milling about in the area I had to walk through to go from apt. to bus stop, those buggers are actually huge when you find yourself right next to them!

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Oh no - your new car!

I feel bad for you. Frowner

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